Rosalie Haizlett Illustration

The Letter Writer's Bundle - 8 Assorted Greeting Cards


This colorful bundle includes each of my 8 greeting card designs and is perfect for someone who sends lots of cards. Instead of the individual boxed sets of 4, this set arrives wrapped in simple green twine to cut down on excess packaging.

Printed on premium textured paper with vibrant inks, this collection features four paintings from my Forest Treasures series–fiddlehead Christmas ferns, orange amanita mushroom, great white trillium and a morel mushroom– and four paintings from my Textures of Nature series–sphagnum moss, mountain laurel, shield lichen and turkey tail mushroom. Each card has the common name of the species written on the back. 

Size: 4.25 x 5.5 Inch

All cards are blank inside and the set comes with 8 recycled Kraft envelopes