Tiny Worlds of the Appalachian Mountains: An Artist's Journey

Mountaineers Books | September 1, 2024

About the book

Tiny Worlds of the Appalachian Mountains features artist Rosalie Haizlett’s hand-drawn exploration of the region’s smallest creatures and plants--a celebration of biodiversity and an invitation to slow down and appreciate nature’s hidden wonders. It’s also an adventure travel story, the result of Haizlett’s journey throughout the Appalachian peaks, trails, and rivers from Alabama to Maine to Canada. Along the way, Haizlett looks closely at the earth, discovering luna moths, earthstar mushrooms, dusky salamanders, showy orchids, and more.

Exploring national forests, national parks, wildlife refuges, and other public lands, Haizlett met with biologists, ecologists, and rangers to get an insider’s look. Tiny Worlds draws readers into her sketchbook of vibrant colors, textures, and original maps for an unforgettable journey through a treasured mountain range.

Traveling Art Exhibition

I've put together a traveling art exhibition of 35+ original paintings from my book, with corresponding workshops and artist talks at each venue. Save the dates!

Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences

Charleston, WV
August 31-December 8, 2024

North Carolina Arboretum

Asheville, NC
May 24-September 7, 2025

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Pittsburgh, PA
March 6-June 21, 2026