Want to carry my artwork in your shop?

I love partnering with independent retailers to carry my work in their shops. My work is a good fit for a wide variety of retailers, from outdoor gear shops to houseplant shops and local art boutiques.

How to become a wholesaler

1. Sign up for Faire

I've partnered with Faire, an online marketplace for independent retailers to seamlessly purchase handmade products from small businesses and artisans.

2. Place your order

Place your order through Faire, and we will pack up your products and send them directly to you!

3. Place products in your shop!

My designs are a great fit for a wide range of stores. I would love to partner with you!

Guiding Values

Encouraging a deeper appreciation for nature

My work is intended to inspire and empower others to slow down and notice the beauty and wonder in our natural surroundings. I believe that art is a powerful tool that helps us to see our environment in a new way, making each day a little more joyful and vibrant. Ultimately, I hope that by encouraging a deeper connection to nature, I can inspire more people to protect and steward our planet.

Creating quality products

My products are made in the USA for supply-chain transparency and in small, made-to-order batches to reduce waste. I use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible, and I continually work to reduce the impact of my business on the planet. Every item is designed to be high quality so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Cultivating lasting retail connections

I partner with 90+ independent shops around the United States on a wholesale basis. I love working with these small brick-and-mortar shops because each one is unique and so much more than simply a store– it is a reflection of the owners’ creativity and part of the soul of the town that it’s located within. I make an effort to build a personal connection with every shop that carries my work.

Elevating the small business community

I invest in my local economy by working with fellow small businesses whenever possible. I employ West Virginia-based videographers & photographers for my multimedia projects, produce all my art prints at a print shop in my hometown, and work with West Virginian woodworkers to custom-build frames for my exhibitions.

Investing in the greater good

We donate annually to a variety of environmental and social justice non-profit organizations whose missions align with our values, including Upstream PGH, Friends of Blackwater, Camp Elso, National Audubon Society, and Buffalo Creek Outdoor School.

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