Rosalie Haizlett Illustration

Common Merganser - Watercolor Art Print

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This art print is a reproduction of my original watercolor painting featuring a mother common merganser and several juveniles I spotted floating down a tributary of the Ohio River. Despite sneaking around behind some large trees with my camera so I wouldn't scare them away, they immediately detected my presence and were on high alert while I was observing them. Common mergansers frequent lakes and rivers around Western Pennsylvania. They eat fish and can dive underwater and stay under the surface for up to two minutes.

Paper: Printed by a local print shop in West Virginia on 100# textured white felt paper (for the look & feel of watercolor paper!) and vibrant, high-quality inks.

Size: 11x14 inches

Framing: This print arrives unframed, but it is a standard frame size which makes it really easy to find frames. My favorite inexpensive frame is the Natural Bamboo EcoCore Frame (pictured in the product gallery above) from Nielsen Bainbridge. You can find it at