Rosalie Haizlett Illustration

Mushrooms of West Virginia Art Print


This watercolor art print brings the funky colors and shapes of West Virginia's wild mushrooms into your home or office! Created from original watercolor paintings by me and inspired by long walks through the hills of West Virginia where I grew up.

Print size: 11" x 14"

Paper: Printed in West Virginia on 100# textured white felt paper for the look & feel of watercolor paper.

Mushrooms featured: morel, chanterelle, frost's bolete, cantharellus cinnabarinus, violet webcap, indigo milky mushroom, galerina, gem-studded puffball

Framing: This print arrives unframed, but it is a standard frame size which makes it really easy to find frames. My favorite inexpensive frame is the Natural Bamboo EcoCore Frame from Nielsen Bainbridge. You can find them at