Rosalie Haizlett Illustration

Fiddle in the Ferns - Limited edition watercolor art print, signed by artist Rosalie Haizlett


This 16x20" limited edition print features a detailed, vibrant watercolor painting that showcases a fiddle surrounded by autumnal forest floor detritus like mosses, ferns, twigs and fallen leaves. There are also three insects hidden in the artwork: a comma butterfly, bluet damselfly and a pleasing fungus beetle. The fiddle is the same instrument as the violin; it is simply played differently. So this painting would also make a great gift for a violin enthusiast!

Series: This is the first work in my series called "Mountain Rhythms", a celebration of both traditional Appalachian music (old-time and bluegrass) and regional flora & fauna. The others in this series will come out in 2023 and 2024. This is also my official 2022 Holiday Print release.

Size: 16x20 inches.

Signature: This print is autographed by the artist.

Edition: This is a limited edition print of 200. Each print is numbered.

Paper: Printed by a local print shop in West Virginia on acid-free 100# textured white felt paper for the look & feel of watercolor paper.

Framing: This print arrives unframed, but it is a standard frame size which makes it really easy to find frames. My favorite inexpensive frame is the Natural Bamboo EcoCore Frame from Nielson Bainbridge. You can find them at