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Starting my first perpetual nature journal
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Starting my first perpetual nature journal

Hello and happy March! 
Today I want to share about a new practice that I'm bringing into my life. It's called “perpetual nature journaling” and it's a structured way to visually document our discoveries outdoors on a regular basis. This method was developed by botanical artist Lara Call Gastinger and while I've heard about it for years, I'm finally getting around to starting my own! In this video, I share a bit about the concept of perpetual journaling and give you a peek at my first two entries. Then, I bring you into my studio as I sketch and learn about a sweet little red-backed salamander who wandered into our garage!
You may be wondering, “But Rosalie, don't you already get enough nature drawing in while you're depicting 100+ species for your book!?!” Great point… I've wondered that myself. However, this journal serves a very different purpose. Each entry is a quick, 30-45 minute sketch of an interesting nature tidbit that I find every single week in my immediate surroundings. While I usually reference photos and spend multiple days creating each of my book illustrations to get every detail just right, these sketches and notes are taken from life observation. I share a bit more on my goals for this journal in the video and you can learn more about perpetual journaling here. 
Hope you enjoy this month's video. Take care! 
- Rosalie 
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Above: Sketching wood frogs and their eggs at a vernal pool this past week. They were croaking so loud that I heard them from ⅓ mile away! 



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