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Endangered Species Collaboration & Original Art Auction
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Endangered Species Collaboration & Original Art Auction


To do our part to protect endangered species on Endangered Species Day (which is Friday, May 15th), I’ve teamed up with fellow WV-based nature illustrator Logan Schmitt on a collaborative pen & ink and watercolor illustration that features two endangered species that are found in mountain bogs - the mountain sweet pitcher plant and the bog turtle.First, we chose two endangered species that we wanted to feature - Logan chose the bog turtle (the smallest turtle in North America) and I chose the mountain sweet pitcher plant. Then, we went back and forth on a sketch until we had a composition that we liked. Logan did all the amazing ink line-work, then delivered it to me to finish with watercolor. It was so much fun!

Logan working on the ink drawing

Logan working on the ink drawing

Rosalie adding the watercolor


We will be hosting a 24-hour INSTAGRAM AUCTION starting at 4 pm EST on May 15th and 100% of proceeds from the original painting will be donated directly to The Nature Conservancy, who facilitate important projects to help conserve bog turtles and other endangered species worldwide.

If you’d like to help conserve bog turtles AND get this one-of-a-kind collaborative painting by two West Virginia nature illustrators... mark your calendar for 5/15/20 to join in on this auction!

A close-

A close-up of the original painting


This original painting is 16x20 inches in size. It was hand-inked with permanent inks on archival Arches watercolor paper by Logan Schmitt. Once the inking was complete, Rosalie Haizlett added her artistic flair using her iconic, vibrant watercolor style. The work is signed by both artists.


  1. The 24-hour-long auction will begin on Rosalie’s Instagram page at 4 pm EST on May 15th, 2020 and end at 4 pm EST on May 16th, 2020. She will create a new post for the auction at 4 pm on May 15th, and the bidding will take place in the comments as soon as the post goes live.

  2. Starting bid is $350.

  3. Comment with a bid on the auction post in USD and your email address (you only need to type it once, and feel free to direct message or email it to Rosalie for privacy concerns). Only bid in whole numbers. $0.50 bids will be deleted and ignored.

  4. Keep checking that no one has outbid you if you want the painting.

  5. The auction will end at 4 pm EST on May 16th, 24 hours after the auction opens. When the auction ends, the highest bidder will be notified and given a link to donate directly to the Nature Conservancy in the amount of their bid. Once they have done this, they must screenshot or forward the receipt for their donation and send it to Rosalie via email or direct message, along with their shipping information. Shipping is included in the bidding amount. If the highest bidder doesn’t follow through with the donation within 2 days, the winning bid will go to the next highest bidder. 



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