My forthcoming book

Tiny Worlds of the Appalachian Mountains: An Artist's Journey

Mountaineers Books | Sept. 2024

About the book

In 2022, I embarked on a 6-month trip throughout the entire Appalachian Mountain chain of North America, from northern Alabama to Newfoundland.

My mission was simple: to take daily observational walks and document the small plants, animals and fungi that I encountered along the way. This project was driven by a desire to learn about and celebrate the life that can be found when we slow down, look closely, and make time each day to soak up our natural surroundings.

Artistically, I wondered what it would be like to dive so deeply into one cohesive body of artwork. And personally, I was curious to see what I might discover about myself and my place as a lifelong resident of the Appalachian Mountains by hiking slowly through her hills and hollows, day after day.

The result is a 240-page book of hand-painted flora and fauna, illustrated maps, and landscapes that I personally experienced on the journey. It's an inspiring invitation to experience the wonder of looking at our surroundings with fresh eyes. Part travel memoir and part whimsical field guide, this book will be perfect for the entire family to enjoy together.

Traveling Art Exhibition

I've put together a traveling art exhibition of 35+ original paintings from my book, with corresponding workshops and artist talks at each venue. Save the dates!

Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences

Charleston, WV
August 31-December 8, 2024

North Carolina Arboretum

Asheville, NC
May 24-September 7, 2025

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Pittsburgh, PA
March 6-June 21, 2026